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Mark Harrington’s 4th digital music 'solo' release,  "Shutting Down", features mostly new material, with a few new versions and a remaster of previous songs. Polished yet 'saturated' production sits between dream-pop and 70s influenced rock. Most notably, the song "Stay Home" gives a nod to the 2020 quarantine, with tongue firmly in cheek.

This follows the album Alter, where acoustic guitars outnumber the distorted electrics.

Mark Harrington released a number of independent solo recordings in the late 80s, and 2 CDs in the 90s: 1993's Capricorn Flakes, and 1999's Trash Icon. The immediacy of the guitar-driven "alt-pop/rock" is preserved despite the use of electronics. Mark's voice has drawn comparisons to early David Bowie, and Peter Murphy (see reviews), while the lyrics maintain a quirky sense of humour. Mark Harrington has recorded 2 cover songs that have gotten some attention: a cover of Gary Numan's Cars (on Trash Icon), and David Bowie's Changes (on Rubbernekkerz: 33 1/3rd).

In 2006, Mark released the first music from his alter-ego: Rubbernekkerz. The textured music places greater emphasis on mood, often with minor chords and matching sounds. It has ‘dark-wave’ influences, yet has a similar sound to the ‘solo’ work.

In the late 1980s, Mark played in the electronic rock trio Heik and the Shakes. Subsequently, he co-founded the Toronto Experimental Artists artist-run cassette label with filmmaker Ed Sinclair in 1988. Mark Harrington also formerly served as the Canadian correspondent for )ism(, a chapbook & writing distribution network. He has written bios and press kits for other musicians, and has been described as a "perennial and voluntary outsider".

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