founded 1989

T.E.A. began in 1989 as an independent, artist-run cassette label. It expanded to include independent video productions (some music-related, some social commentary, etc.) The predominant goal of the artists involved was to experiment with various electronic media, using these in new or interesting ways, to create significant works on a very low budget. Often obsolete or older technology was employed. With the desktop publishing revolution, small press publications (photocopied chapbooks) became another low-cost, low-tech means of communication embraced by the artists involved.

Today, T.E.A. features musical projects and art by its founder, Toronto artist / musician Mark Harrington. An independent off-shoot named TEAsouth features a series of compilation CDs.

Harrington offers audio production, recording and graphic services for musicians under the moniker TEAudio.

TEA music services

TEAudio digital recording