digital recording

'The End' Audio Studio (Newmarket:York Region)

We offer digital audio services to independent bands / musicians. This includes recording, song arrangement / production, and post-production audio editing.

Cubase, Logic, Live +

quality mastering tools for EQ, compression, and loudness maximization

TEA = toronto experimental artists = the end audio

L O O K . N O . F U R T H E R

digital recording

and design

(Audio specifications for the digital recording and editing equipment below)

graphic design for CD cover artwork, etc.

From press-kit writing to designing inserts and CD label art. Refer to the images pages (as well as the CDs covers) to see some of Mark's work

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Audio specifications for the digital recording and editing equipment as follows:


2 separate workstations

- One PC dual core 3.2 GHz (w/ M-Audio Audiophile 192 card)

- One Mac G4 (w/ Gina card by Event)

Main System:

UAD-1e DSP card provides powered plug-ins (on the 16x PCIe bus for quick processing)

Audiophile 192 specs

Gina specs