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Mark Harrington - Alter - Sometimes


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[the new Rubbernekkerz] songs are lot more interesting arrangement-wise than... dark-synth bands like Joy Division or Depeche Mode.

"Awfully" is a great song.

-- Jaimie Vernon, President, Bullseye Records / Author, Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia, Aug. 2006


Very polished songwriting craft from this Canadian, Mark Harrington. Always presented in a very professional manner, Harrington's music was similarly crisp and direct. Solid, but not baroque production values, combined with a folk rock approach that oft times got pop.

[Alter is some of Mark's] strongest material in a long time

-- Don Campau (KKUP FM, Cupertino, Calif., Underground Music Archive) 2009

I have to say that the "Trash Icon" cd is great. I've been playing it on my show.... It reminds me quite a bit of folk implosion, especially on their latest cd, "One Part Lullaby," which is another favorite on the show.

-- Bryan Bruchman (WNYU-AM, New York), Nov. 1999 Color

The songs are further fleshed out than earlier releases, but Harrington still enjoys a certain Peter Murphy/Tom Verlaine affinity as vocalist with a self-effacing twisted perspective. Highlights are "Catharine", "The Three-Legged Waltz", "Existentialist Afternoon" and the wacked version of Gary Numan's "Cars" (worth the price of admission alone!).

-- Jaimie Vernon,, Nov. 1999

Unique.... somewhere between early Bowie, Peter Murhpy 'n more ... as the critics helplessly say... Mark does his very own thing !!

-- Lord Litter, Radio Marabu (across Europe), Oct. 1999

...Harrington's humour needs several listens to be appreciated. As a writer, artist and appropriator of symbols (the cover has Apple's Trash Icon on it) the humour is more intelligent than, say, Dead Milkmen, nor is it as in your face. But his second album should grow on you like black mildew in a shower...

-- Matt Mernagh, Exclaim (!*@#). Aug. 1999

If I were to combine NEIL YOUNG'S chunkiness with TOM VERLAINE'S oddball-pop vocal stylizing I might get something like Mr. Harrington. His wise-guy lyrics, use of accents and well  developed song writing talents make me enjoy his music over and over.

-- Don Campau (KKUP FM, Cupertino, Calif.) Feb. 1999

[Harrington] performs in a spare, electric-folk sort of style spawned from a wide variety of influences, and has penned some clever lyrics to go with it. A lot of his stuff is very reminiscent of early Rheostatics, though he can change direction at a moment's notice. "Beg to Differ", for instance, sounds pretty darned close to Peter Murphy...

-- Pulse Niagara. Feb. 1994

Peter Murphy planted his tongue firmly in cheek, borrowed a bit of Frank Zappa's sharp wit, changed his name to Mark Harrington, and released Capricorn Flakes.

Not only is the album great to listen to, but its sharp sense of humour -- generally mocking the pomposity of a lot of 'arty' musicians (including himself at times) -- never fails to evoke a chuckle from me.

-- Chaos Review. Feb. 1994

Q: Who the hell is Mark Harrington and why the hell do I want to write an entire article on him?

A: Because of "Message", the last cut on his new, self financed, indie CD Capricorn Flakes (as well as the rest of the album).

-- Exclaim (!*@#). June 1993

Harrington is a strong songwriter... [and] clever, dry lyricist.

Credit to him for designing his own tongue-in-cheek CD packaging and for successfully self-producing his work.

-- Chart. June 1993

...a song called Wear Black from the Capricorn Flakes CD. I must say that's a song that, lyrically, I wish I would have written years ago.

-- CKLN DJ Kevin Press. Summer 1993

Guitarist Mark Harrington plays with a spare elegance that manages to imply as much as it actually delivers.

-- Now. March 1989



these 2 are from online site '' regarding the song 'Awfully' from 33 1/3rd:

You know, I couldn't figure it out before...You sound JUST like Mark Bolan from T-Rex....Good #@&%!in show! That aint easy.

Good work.

1. Technical ability:
4/5 (Dig the playing, lots of feel)
2. Good tone choice:
5/5 (Love the mix and acoustic guitar sound)
3. Playing the right part for the song:
4/5 (The parts are great, would have a shorter ending though)
4. Feeling:
4/5 (Feel is there and gives me some feeling of T-Rex Electric Warrior)
5. Originality:
3/5 (Sounds just like T-Rex, but no one has done that for 30 years - Good Show)

Overall: 4

-- NovaVox [9/1/2006 1:52:58 PM EST]

  i liked the way this song is put together. the strum guitar tone is great.... love the bowie style vocals

-- buttercup [9/1/2006 1:43:15 PM EST]


With “Alter”, Mark Harrington has released his most cohesive, adventurous and sonically effective CD yet. The instruments pack a lot of punch and the vocals ring through loud and clear throughout. On the opening track “Sometimes” Mark explores the higher register of his voice and it sounds great.

Elsewhere, many of the songs feature acoustic guitar-based backing, creating a nice spacious sound. “Onlookers” and “Candidly" are especially effective in this regard.
The moods range from philosophical (“You Win Some”) to atmospheric ( "October Traveller”) to humorous, even goofy (“Known Incompatibility”), making for a fun, varied listening experience.

Mark has been inundated with Bowie comparisons, but when a record brings to mind prime “Hunky Dory” era Bowie, that’s not a bad thing!

-- Arch Rockefeller, recording artist, Oct., 2009


Always love hearing Mark's unique sound and distinct voice.  Lucky Pennies was easy listening with an edge. Brilliant. Loved it!

-- Tia Coules, dancer, singer & actress, Oct., 2009

I really loved the songs available on After this, I'll most certainly try to find your other material, believing it to be as strong as what I've already heard. It's dark, and it's powerful, and I sincerely believe it's something special.

-- Raquel (Portugal), Sept., 1999

"Trash Icon" is a must listen, catchy lyrics with catchy hooks. Mark Harrington knows how to have fun and at the same time release a serious record. His cut-and-paste style works to perfection.

-- Greg A (Toronto), Aug., 1999

-- Anonymous reviews on


Mark Harrington - Alter - Sometimes

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