Mark Harrington

Trash Icon CD

14 original tunes as well as a cover of Gary Numan's Cars.

puts "the funk back in dysfunctional."

toronto experimental artists

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Toronto area musician / artist Mark Harrington takes out the garbage with his second full-length CD: Trash Icon. The CD contains 14 original "punk-pop" tunes as well as a cover of Gary Numan's Cars. More visceral and darker than 1993's Capricorn Flakes CD, the lyrics maintain a quirky sense of humour. The simple and immediate quality of the guitar-driven songs is preserved despite the use of electronics suggested in the title. Relationships are often the focus of Harrington's critique, as he puts "the funk back in dysfunctional." The enhanced CD also contains HTML data ready for all web browsers, and video clips.

Harrington has been focusing recent energy into the Rubbernekkerz music. You may hear some FREE MP3 streams now!

The new CD from Mark Harrington: Trash Icon. Read reviews.


 The new recording features a cover of Gary Numan's CARS. 

MP3 stream of Cars: full song

 more audio samples...


Here in my car

I feel safest of all

I can lock all my doors

It's the only way to live

In cars

Gary Numan fans see bottom of page!
Cars, written by Gary Numan, © 1979 Beggars Banquet; Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Co.
CDs are also available by phone at (1-800) BUY-MY-CD

The tape entitled Tale of Two Cities features early mixes of some songs from the Trash Icon CD. These songs appear remastered / remixed, on the new enhanced CD. 15 tracks in all, almost an hour of music.

Trash Icon black T-shirt: 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

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Welcome Gary Numan fans: Hi! Well, I was hoping that at least this page would be recognized by search engines as having some Gary Numan content. You see, Gary Numan is mentioned here a few times for good reason. Gary Numan's tune Cars (which was a hit over 25 years back) has been covered on Mark Harrington's new CD. Well, anyone who likes Gary Numan music may well like to hear the Mark Harrington version, but they've never heard of Mark Harrington! So, if they use a search engine, they might just type in Gary Numan (remember, they don't know of Mark Harrington) to see the results. Surprisingly, this site doesn't list under Gary Numan! Even though his name (Gary Numan) is in here! So, I figured it was important to make sure that anyone who liked Gary Numan (or maybe even the new Fear Factory version of Cars --which also features Gary Numan on vocals) deserves a chance to hear the Mark Harrington version on the new Trash Icon CD. You can hear it right now if you like (MP3 or RealAudio) on the sounds page of this Mark Harrington site!